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Dr. Bartlett Joshua "B.J." Palmer

Bartlett Joshua Palmer, D.D. Palmer's son, was influential in the development of modern chiropractic.

Every day in Canada, over 120,000 people receive treatment from Doctors of Chiropractic.
Palmer knew that he had found how to get the body to heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery, but he did not want to share it with the world, rather he wanted to keep it as a family trade secret.

His son, Bartlett Joshua "B.J." Palmer, (1882-1961) decided on letting the world know about the discovery his father had made and tried to keep secret. B.J. talked his father into starting a school for people to learn the art of chiropractic.

Two years after the First Chiropractic Adjustment, Dr. David Daniel Palmer renamed his clinic the Palmer School & Infirmary of Chiropractic and accepted his first students. In 1898, he founded the Palmer School for Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.

Since Dr. DD Palmer's First Chiropractic Adjustment, the Art, Philosophy and Science of Chiropractic has grown and progressed significantly. Today, advanced chiropractic diagnostic procedures, sophisticated equipment, scientific research, and the growing acceptance among other health care professionals makes chiropractic the world's fastest growing health care profession.

History of Chiropractic
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Bartlett Joshua Palmer
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