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Your spinal column is made up of 24 movable vertebrae, the sacrum, and the coccyx. This column also houses the spinal cord through which nerve information is transmitted around the rest of your body.

Chiropractors use a combination of treatments for your condition. They are specialists in using exact, gentle manipulations of your spine to make you feel great. Chiropractic treatment also includes diet and exercise programs to get you back into tip-top shape.

Every day in Canada, over 120,000 people receive treatment from Doctors of Chiropractic.
Chiropractic is a straightforward method of adjusting the bones of your body to maintain the correct alignment of your spine and to ensure that your body's nerve supply works efficiently. It seeks to eliminate the cause, not just treat symptoms, and through subtle adjustments, chiropractic care can relieve pain and discomfort, increase mobility and provide a route to better health.

Although the major focus of chiropractic is on the spine and central nervous system, your chiropractor is concerned with the wellness of your whole body. Since your nervous system determines how well you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally, many problems you are experiencing may be related to a problem with your spine and nervous system.

Your chiropractor is a doctor with over 7 years of university education in the art of hands-on healing techniques which assist your spine, central nervous system, and body to heal themselves naturally.

Chiropractic care helps you return to optimum health by restoring and maintaining nerve and joint function. The end result? You are healthier and pain free, allowing you to live life to the fullest once again.

The chiropractic adjustment is the single most effective treatment for neuro-musculo-skeletal disorders, period.

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