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Chiropractic: Who told you about it?
Recommending chiropractic care is like passing on the torch of good health.

Don't chiropractors advertise?

The Chiropractic Associations advertise on behalf of chiropractors to help raise awareness of chiropractic and its benefits. However, individual chiropractors rely almost completely on 'word of mouth' references from their patients. If you feel enthusiastic about chiropractic care, please share it with those you care about. Not only would you be passing the torch of health to someone else, but you would be helping chiropractors do what they do best: helping others live healthier lives.
Doesn't everybody know about chiropractic these days?

Unfortunately not. Many people still turn to traditional medicine to relieve all their pains and illnesses and have no idea about the restorative and preventative benefits of chiropractic care. And even if they have heard of it, they tend to think it's only for back pain.

A friend told me about it, after my arthritis became very bad.

People often wait until a friend or relative has a serious health problem before they tell them about chiropractic care. This is unfortunate because a chiropractor could prevent many of those problems from developing in the first place by reducing their subluxations* and other spinal problems. If you think someone you know might be interested in chiropractic care, take some of the brochures on display here, and give them to her or him. And perhaps you could tell your friend about your own experience, and how it has helped you.

I'm uncomfortable giving advice on chiropractic care.

People who are looking for answers to their health problems will welcome whatever information you give them, particularly if it's from your own experience. Good health is a priceless gift. Most people would appreciate knowing how to achieve it, whether or not they choose to pursue it.

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